16 Herald Ave, Willetton WA 6155

Spaces to Share

To inquire about the use of our buildings, and to find out the current rates, please contact Diane Boon via email: willetton@ucwa.au or by phone: 0408-952-224.

Large Hall

Our large hall can accommodate up to 100 people. Chairs are available and it has a servery from the kitchen.

There is also a wall-mounted screen available for computer connection.

Worship Room

Our Worship area can accommodate up to 160 people. This area is a flexible space with comfortable chairs.

It is equipped with audiovisual equipment and twin screens. It does require an experienced person to operate the technology.

Small Rooms

There are two rooms available for use by smaller groups.

One is a meeting room suitable for up to 15 people. The other is an open sunroom-style room with a central table suitable for 8-10 people.


There is one main kitchen facility which is suitable for large scale catering and has indoor and outdoor serveries.

The use of appliances, crockery, and cutlery can be organised to meet users’ needs.